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ezeio models


There are two main models of the ezeio:

ezeio Standard - using Ethernet to connect to the Internet.

ezeio Cellular - using a built-in cellular modem to connect to the Internet.

The cellular model has both the cellular and Ethernet connections, and will use the Ethernet automatically if it is available. If the Ethernet connection fails, the ezeio will automatically switch to the cellular link.

The benefit of the cellular link is obviously that you do not rely on any local connection. There is an additional cost for the hardware, and the cellular data service is also required.

The cellular model works on GSM networks (AT&T/T-Mobile in the US), and it also has a built-in GPS receiver. To use the GPS you need an additional antenna (not included with the controller).

Regardless of the connectivity, all other features and functions are exactly the same.


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