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Reporting a power outage


The ezeio can monitor its own power supply voltage. However, this is not very useful to try to monitor a loss of power since the ezeio will stop working if it looses power and will not be able to send out an alert.

The eze servers will send a message when communication is lost with an ezeio for 4 minutes (or 20 minutes depending on the setting under Configure->System->Ethernet settings).

A communication loss could be caused by a power loss, but it would also be a problem somewhere on the network between the ezeio and the servers.

The Meanwell DRC-40A is a combined battery charger and power supply. It has an output that indicates that line power is present, and will automatically shut off the battery if it runs too low (to protect the battery from being damaged).

The ezeio can be set up to send an alert if the power-good output signals a power outage.

The DRC-40A has a second output to indicate low battery, but using the ezeio's built in voltage monitor you could set up a separate alarm for low battery without occupying a hardware input.

A 7Ah SLA battery will power the ezeio for over 24h.


DRC-40-spec.pdf DRC-40-spec.pdf

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