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Using a third party power supply


The power supply that comes standard with the ezeio outputs 12V and can provide up to 1A. The standard ezeio use about 1W of power in normal operation while the cellular model used about 2W.

At 12V, this means the current draw is about 85mA for the standard, and 170mA for the cellular model, so there is plenty of current available from the standard power supply to power other devices.

While 12V is a very common voltage in monitoring and control circuits, some devices needs 24V to operate.

The ezeio is designed for both 12 and 24V, so no adjustment is required on the ezeio. At 24V, the ezeio draws about half the current compared to at 12V.

When selecting an external power supply, make sure the following applies:

* Output between 12 and 24V DC (the ezeio does not run on AC)
* Rated at least 5W. There is no upward limit.
* The output plug shall be a 'barrel type', 5.5mm outer diameter with center hole 2.1mm.
* The center pin is positive.


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