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How can I control my thermostats remotely?


With compatible thermostats, the ezeio system becomes a powerful HVAC management system.

You will need

  1. One ezeio. Depending on the available connectivity, you may use the standard (Ethernet) model or an ezeio with a built-in cellular modem.
  2. One ore more compatible thermostat (link). Up to 10 thermostats can be connected to a single ezeio via CAT5 wire.

The system supports up to four separate daily or weekly schedules, with two operating modes for each interval. Some of the available benefits are;

  • easy switching between occupied/vacant mode, automatic or manual
  • limiting manual override during certain intervals
  • limiting demand by only allowing a max number of units to run simultaneously
  • full remote access to all scheduling
  • historical logging of calls/mode and temperature

..and much more. Please contact us for more information.



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