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How many and what kind of connections are there on the ezeio?


The ezeio has the following types of connections:

Four (4) general purpose inputs, individually configurable for 0-10V analog, 4-20mA analog, Pulse, ON/OFF or resistance.

Two (2) relay outputs, Form C (switching) dry contacts, max 50V/2A.

One (1) Modbus RTU (RS485) master port, capable of driving up to 20 other devices.

One (1) Microlan short-range sensor bus, capable of monitoring up to 20 temperature sensors.

In addition to the above, there is also a standard Ethernet connection for communication with the Internet/servers, and a power jack. The ezeio runs on 8-30VDC and requires about 1W (2W for the cellular model).

Should you need more inputs and outputs, the ezeio supports a long list of modbus I/O devices, sensors and meters. Each ezeio can handle up to 40 separate parameters from a total of 20 different devices.

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