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Communicating input value to a different ezeio


Sometimes it can be useful to read input data from a different ezeio.

In this example, we will copy the value of input 10 on ezeio serial ABC001 to input 11 on ezeio serial ABC002.

The following steps can be used to set this up:

  1. First make sure that both ezeio's have API access enabled in their service level.
  2. Make sure the input that will receive the value (ABC002, input 11) is set as "Special/Software".
  3. On the sending ezeio ABC001, set up a Timer and let it trigger every minute (or every hour if that is fast enough for your application).
  4. Add an action to the Timer, and select Send Message
  5. In the Destination field, enter '#' followed by the receiving ezeio's serial number; #ABC002
  6. In the Message field, enter "Input=11, Value=#VAL10#"

This will send an API message from ABC001 that commands ABC002 to set its input 11 to the value in the message.

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