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My Modbus device is not listed as supported. Can you add it?


There are two ways to add support for a new Modbus device:

  • Native Driver support
  • Script

Please also read 'What is Modbus'

Native Driver

The Native Driver can only be written/added by eze System. All existing native drivers are listed under Configure->Add Device.

To implement a native driver, we require a sample of the device that we can keep in our lab for testing and future support. We only consider creating a native driver if the device is being used in significant quantities - typically at least 100 units.

Please contact eze System before you send us the device. We will evaluate the device, document the process of setting it up to work with the ezeio system, and then write the necessary code for the driver. Depending on the complexity of the device, this may take anywhere from a day to a week. The driver will then be made available through


Script support can be implemented without the involvement of eze System, but it requires knowledge about programming in general, ezeio script in particular and some insight in how the Modbus protocol works.

If your ezeio does not have scripting enabled, please contact us to enable it.

A sample 'skeleton' script is attached. This can be extended to support multiple devices, different types of registers and more, but it shall be noted that it's not completely trivial to do. You will need experience with programming. While we are happy to help with specific questions around the implementation, we are not set up to teach how to write software.

eze System can help developing the script for you. We would simply charge by the time it takes. While it is possible to implement the script on a field device, the process is always a lot faster if we can have a sample of the device in our lab.

So we strongly recommend that you arrange for a sample to be sent to us. This will save a lot of time and money, and will produce a better end result.

ModbusPoll.txt ModbusPoll.txt

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